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Spring 2021 Coach Stipend:
RLSA appreciates all of our volunteer coaches and offers the following to all of our licensed coaches:

-U5/U6 Recreational:  $25 Coach & Assistant Coach
-U7/U8 Recreational:  $30 Coach & Assistant Coach
-U9/U10 Recreational:  $50 Coach & Assistant Coach
-U10 Travel:  Y level Coach $75 & Assistant Coach $50, E level Coach $150 & Assistant Coach $75
-U11-U15 Travel:  Y level Coach $150 & Assistant Coach $75, E level Coach $275 & Assistant Coach $150
-U19 Travel:  Y level Coach $75 & Assistant Coach $50, E level Coach $150, Assistant Coach $75


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Spring 2016

posted Dec 20, 2015, 8:59 PM by Rice Lake Soccer Association   [ updated Dec 20, 2015, 9:00 PM ]

Preparations are being made for Spring Registration.  In no time we will be on the fields!

E License Coaching Clinic

posted Sep 3, 2015, 4:43 AM by Rice Lake Soccer Association

Hey Everyone!

Are you looking to take your Coaching to the next level!?!?!?!??!  If so please look at signing up for the E level coaching course!!!

Clinic Start Date:10/09/2015
Registration End Date:10/10/2015 00:00
Name:E Coaching Clinic - Ashland
License Level:E License
Location:Lake Superior Intermediate School Ashland, WI

10/9/2015 - 10/11/2015
Lake Superior Intermediate School
1101 Binsfield Road
Ashland, WI 54806

Friday 10/9/15: 6:00PM–9:00PM
Saturday 10/10/15: 9:00AM-5:00PM
Sunday 10/11/15: 9:00AM-5:00PM

Prerequisites: Candidates must hold a USSF 'F' License and be 16 years old. Pre-course work required.
Cost: $150.00 WYSA Member ($250.00 Non-Member)

Registration closes on the Registration End Date or when capacity is reached, whichever is earlier.

Please remember if you are a coach for RLSA please select that on your registration so we can take care of any charges due.

Thank you All for helping with the growth of this sport and the kids in it!!

-Crazy Coach 

Spring 2015 Coaches Clinics

posted Feb 26, 2015, 6:32 AM by Rice Lake   [ updated Jun 15, 2015, 8:13 AM by Rice Lake Soccer Association ]

Clinic Start Date:03/06/2015
Registration End Date:03/07/2015 00:00
Name:E Coaching Clinic - River Falls
License Level:E License
Location:UWRF Rec and Sport Facilities River Falls, WI

3/6/2015 - 3/8/2015

UW River Falls
RA Karges Center
410 South Third Street
River Falls, WI 54022

Friday 3/6/15: 6:00PM–9:00PM Checkin begins at 5:30PM
Saturday 3/7/15: 9:00AM-6:00PM
Sunday 3/8/15: 9:00AM-6:00PM

Prerequisites: Candidates must be 16 years old. Pre Course work required. Can be found here: 
Cost: $150.00 WYSA Member ($250.00 Non-Member)
Registration closes on the Registration End Date or when capacity is reached, whichever is earlier.

If you are a coach for RLSA we will reimburse your fee.

-Crazy Coach

Y1 Coaching Clinic - Rice Lake Spring 2015

posted Feb 24, 2015, 9:21 AM by Rice Lake

Clinic Start Date:04/22/2015
Name: Y1 Coaching Clinic - Rice Lake Fall
License Level: Youth Module I
Location: Tainter Elementary School Rice Lake, WI

5:30pm -6:00pm Checkin
6:00pm - 9:00pm

Tainter Elementary School
2201 Carrie Avenue
Rice Lake, WI 54868

Prerequisites: Candidates must be 14 years old.
Cost: $0.00 WYSA Member ($100.00 Non-Member)  If your child is registered with RLSA then you ARE a member!! 

Three Tips for Teaching Players to Finish

posted Feb 24, 2015, 9:16 AM by Rice Lake

Three Tips for Teaching Players to Finish

By Adrian Parrish

Have you ever been in a situation where you control the whole game, out-shoot your opponents and end up losing by one goal? Opportunities to score may have been handed to your team for easy goals when the keeper spilled the ball but your team failed to capitalize on this because they never followed up their shots.

U10 Coach Update

posted Aug 19, 2013, 12:58 PM by Rice Lake

Good afternoon U10 Team Managers and Coaches;

First off I am sorry for the large amount of emails you are receiving from me today, but I am trying to wrap up loose ends and answer questions coming my way. Second, here is a little explanation to help you this season...

All U10 teams in the fall are recreational teams. However, we have two optional traveling events; looking at a possible third. Since all players do not want to travel at the U10 level in the fall we need to make a traveling team separate; unless your entire team will travel, which would be even better. Thus, by the end of this week I need to know a couple things: yes your entire team will travel, no my entire team will not travel, but blank kids will. Once we know this we will know if we simply need to add a few players to a different team for these special traveling events.

Saturday 9/14/2013 at Rice lake TBD if Coed or Gender Specific
Saturday 9/28/2013 at Spooner Coed
Saturday 10/5/2013 at LaCrosse (TBD option & TBD on if Gender Specific)

Game times are TBD after we know who to register. Typically you will play minimum 2 games, but possibly 3.

Please get back to us by the end of the week with whether or not your entire team will attend or which players will attend. Also, we will need to make sure your teams have coaches, thus in your response please advise if you will also be accompanying your team.

Thank you,


Coaches Let's Talk

posted Aug 11, 2013, 6:13 AM by Rice Lake

Hi RLSA Coach!  I have opened this post to comments.  What is your favorite warm up activity?  What is your staple activity that you do or would do every practice? 

Would love to hear from any coaches!! 

Coach & Team Manager Email 8-8-2013

posted Aug 8, 2013, 1:03 PM by Rice Lake   [ updated Apr 16, 2015, 10:43 AM by Unknown user ]

Good afternoon Soccer Coaches and Team Managers; 

A couple updates - get comfy.

Schedules are now on the website and the website is also working - two awesome things!  What you see is actually our temporary (new potential) site that is still being developed in place of our old site that we can't load back up. On the site are ALL Schedules, ALL Teams and their players, Field Assignments, etc. These items can all be opened in a new window, saved as an excel file, and viewed in whole if you choose by selecting the document. 

Schedules. I have included your schedules in this email for assistance; however, all team managers will need to stop by Soccer Central (white trailer) on the first night of practice and pickup their Michelin forms and their printed game schedules for their players.  Please point out to your players that some Michelin forms are good at Pomp's Tire Service and some are good at Farm and Fleet both of Rice Lake.  They will need to go to the right location.  This is for a free ball and discounts on tires.  No purchase necessary for the free ball.  If your player doesn't want the ball the association would be happy to take the ball in on donation.  All tires purchased with this discount includes a payback to the association so it is a double bonus promotion if you need new tires! 

Contacting Players.  I am still getting some calls and emails from players that are unsure what teams they are on and when the first night of practice is.  If you could try to make one more attempt to connect with your parents that would be great.  This will help to ensure they do know when to be there and what to wear.  Typically this is done by the team manager, but coaches and assistant coaches should all communicate to find out who is doing this.  

Folders & Rosters.  If you didn't get your folder Ken ( would like to connect with you.  Please contact him back so that he can get you your folder.  I emailed all the rosters out so you should have that to contact players.  If you didn't get a roster and need one reply to this email your team name and I will send again.  

Coaching Clinic.  We did not have enough coaches to hold a clinic, but all coaches are supposed to be certified and registered.  I have discussed this with state (WYSA).  We came to this agreement.  All coaches MUST be registered online to coach.  I can wave the clinic portion until our next clinic in the Spring if you are unable to make it to a clinic outside of Rice Lake before season starts.  Click here to see clinics available.  If you need help with activities with your kids just let Ken or I know we would love to help you out if you need it.  We also have books and videos at Soccer Central you can check out. 

Registering Online - REQUIRED. Register online and get your coaching card by going to:  Select Risk Management and continue by logging in.  If you haven't logged in prior you need to create a username and password.  You can attach yourself to your family members in this window, etc. You will be completing a background check by providing your information and you will order your coaches card - to complete this process you have to upload a photo of yourself.  If you are charged for the card simply print the receipt and give it to a board member with your mailing address and we will reimburse you.  

Renewal. Have you been a coach for more than two years?  You must go through the process above, but simply go through as a renewal.  You most likely didn't upload a file in the past, but you will have to this time to complete the process.  Again, if you are charged for the card simply print the receipt and give it to a board member with your mailing address and we will reimburse you.  

Why Register? As an association that is in contact with minors you MUST go through this process or you CANNOT be on the field.  Please understand this is a process required for the protection of our children. I hope you all understand and work to comply with this request right away.   If you have questions and need help getting through this - call me or a board member.  We can help, we have all done it.  If you don't have access to a computer and only use your phone for these emails I can meet you - just call me.  I cannot stress this one enough as you can tell.  

Coaches Concussion Form. This is in your folder.  Each coach needs to sign this and return to Soccer Central.  If no one is in the trailer just lay on the desk and I will retrieve for the files.  

I think that wraps this one up.  If you have questions or concerns please let us know.  We really appreciate all that you do.  RLSA is an association made up on 100% volunteers and we couldn't do any of this without you. I can't say THANK YOU enough!! 

Thank you, 


​ This message will also be posted on the coaches announcements page for reference. 

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