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Rice Lake Soccer Association
PO Box 662 | Rice Lake, WI 54868
Below is a list of volunteers.  Please email with an attention to requested member and they will be in receipt of your message.  Thank you. 

Board Members

President: Axel Berger
Vice President: Leiah Bowen
Secretary: Brittany Ahlberg/Maria Narveson
Treasurer: Alicia Bender
Safety/Facility Coordinator: Chris Fitzgerald
Fundraising Manager: Tom Barkley
General Members: Angie Buchli, Shawn Gilbert, Jeff MacDonald, Lori MacDonald, Ken Lewis, Mike Shomion

Other Duties

Registrar: Lori MacDonald
Equipment Manager: Jaime Lisle
Concessions: Meg Demers
Head Coach: Leiah Bowen
Head Referee: Ken Lewis
Travel Team Manager: Tami Alberg
Tournament Director: Axel Berger