Spring 2020 registration is open for Recreation & Travel Leagues.  Please see the 
registration flyer at the bottom of this page for all the important information and to 
verify the league your player qualifies for (based off of birth year).

Click on the "Register Now" soccer ball to sign up for Spring 2020 soccer!
**Returning players...please make sure to log in to your account in order to register
correctly.  Only first time famlies should create a new account.**

U12 boys and U15 boys - please note practice days will be M/TH, 6pm-7:30pm.

Payment Policy:
Please note that players will not be assigned to teams until payment is received.  If paying by check, please make sure to 
mail payment to RLSA, PO Box 662, Rice Lake, WI  54868 in a timely manner.  Credit Card payment is available at the time
of online registation.  

Refund Policy:
A full refund may be requested until teams are formed.  After teams are formed, a half refund may be requested.  
Player fees will not be refunded after the season starts.  Please email refund requests to

Spring 2020 Travel League Schedule U11-U15:
Saturday, May 2nd- EauClaire Jamboree, tentative
Saturday, May 9th- Rice Lake Home Jamboree
Saturday, May 16/Sunday, May 17th- Two day Hudson, WI Rivertown Classic Tourney
Memorial Day Weekend - OFF
Saturday, May 30th/Sunday, May 31st- Two day Apple Valley, MN REV It Up Tourney
Saturday, June 6th- Hayward Jamboree

Spring 2020 U10 Travel Schedule
Saturday, May 2nd-EauClaire Jamboree, tentative
Saturday, May 9th-Rice Lake Home Jamboree
Saturday, June 6th-Hayward Jamboree

Spring 2020 U19 Boys' Travel Schedule
Coming Soon!


Fall 2019 registration will be open as of June 10th, 2019.  Please see the 

registration flyer in the documents below for all the details.  Please use this

link to register or click on the "Register Now" soccer ball in 

the upper left corner.  Please make sure that you log into the account that you created and used

in the past.  If you no longer know the password, please utilized the "forgot password"

option to retreive it.  Creating multiple accounts creates an administration nightmare.

The only people who should create a new account are those who are joining RLSA

for the first time.  If you have any questions about your account, please email  Thank you! 


Spring 2019 Registration update:
At this time online registration has closed for Travel League players.  If you have 
not signed up your player, please email Lori at and request to be registered.

Online registration is still open through March 17th, 2019 for Recreation League players.  
Please register by clicking on the "Register Now" soccer ball or by going to 
the "Registration" page of this website


Spring 2019 registration is open online as of January 1st, 2019.

To register, please utilize the following link: 

Please make sure to log in to your account that you've already created.  The only people that should register as  new user are those that are registering for the very first
time with RLSA.  If you have any trouble logging in please email:


Fall 2018 registration has been re-opened as of July 9th, 2018

The roll over to our new registration provider/Demosphere has been completed.  Please use the link below to register.  Please DO NOT click on the 
"Register Now" soccer ball to the left of your screen as that will take you to our old service.

Use this link:

From the log in screen please input the email address you used with our last registration service and then click on "Forgot my password".  Please do this
even if you remember your password as this is how the Demosphere system will verify your account.  Do not create a new account unless you are brand
new to RLSA and registering for the first time.

Due to the delay in transferring to the new system, the Regular Registration rate for our Recreation League will be extended through July 15th, 2018.
The late fee (additional $10) will begin to be charged as of July 16th, 2018.  Registration will close as of July 22nd, 2018.

If you need to register a Travel League or U19 Girls player or have any questions please email


Fall 2018 Registration Update as of July 1st, 2018

Fall registration is still open for Recreation League players.  However, we are in the
process of switching over to a new registration provider.  The migration of data 
should be completed by July 9th, 2018.  Please check back to register or email

Fall 2018 Registration will open on June 1st on-line by clicking on the "Register Now" soccer ball 

located to the left side of this screen.  In person registration will be held on 

Monday, June 4th at Moon Lake Park concessions stand from 6:00pm-7:30pm (there is

a form to fill out at the bottom of this page).  The concession 

stand will also be open with a limited supply of drinks and chips.  Please see the bottom of this
page for the registration flyer which contains all the registration details.


Spring 2018 Registration will open online on January 1st, 2018.  In person registration is being held on

Tuesday, January 16th, from 5pm-7pm at the Rice Lake Middle School entryway.

Fall 2017 Registration will open online on June 5th, 2017.  In person registration is being held on 

June 5th, 2017 from 5-7:30pm at Moon Lake park.  Please see the "Fall 2017 Flyer" below for all the details


Registration for our Spring 2017 Travel season is currently closed.  This is for players with a birth year of 2002-2006.
If you are interested in registering, please contact to verify if there are any open spots.   

Registration is open for our Spring 2017 U19 Boys team.  This is for high school players with a birth year
of 1998-2002.  Please click on the "Register Now" soccer ball in the upper left corner.  If you are a freshman 
with a 2002 birth year, please email so that you can be placed on the U19 team as 
the on-line system will incorrectly place you on the U15 team.
Registration is open for our Spring 2017 Recreation League.  This is for players with a birth year of 2007-2012.  
Please click on the "Register Now" soccer ball located in the upper left corner to register.  Recreation League
registration will remain open on-line through March 19th, 2017.

Spring 2017 Registration is open online!  

Click on the "Register Now" soccer ball found on the top left of this page.

Please see the Spring Flyer document, at the bottom of this page, for all registration information and details.
In person registration will be held on Tues Jan 17th, 2017 and Thurs Jan 19th, 2017 in the Entryway of the
Rice Lake Middle School from 5pm-7pm.

Be one of the first 10 travel or first 10 recreational level families to register and receive a FREE
RLSA car decal!

Please see the Spring Flyer document found at the bottom of this page for all registration information and details.


2016 Fall Season Registration is currently closed.  Please contact to see if it is still possible to register your player.


Please see the "Fall 2016 Registration Flyer" at the bottom of this page for all registration details.

Registration is online for your convenience.  Once you have registered your child for the first time, your information is saved in the system and will be 
stored there for future registrations.  Please continue to use the account you set up the first time.  If you do not remember your password, please use
the "forgot password" link to retrieve it and avoid creating duplicate accounts.  If you have any trouble, please email for assistance.  

Things to have ready: Parent's name, child's name and birth date, mother's birth month and birth day, and child's photo.  
If you don't have a photo you can still complete the online registration just email the photo to  Yes, it is that simple!  

How do I pay? When registering online you can pay by credit card or by mailing a check.  
If you pay by check, simply drop your check in the mail to Rice Lake Soccer Association,  PO Box 662, Rice Lake, WI 54868. 

In addition to online registration, two in-person registration dates are being offered.  
Come to Hilltop Elementary School Library on Tuesday June 21st or Thursday June 23rd from 5-7pm to register.  
Registration fees can be paid with check or cash at the time of registration.  If you would like to fill out the registration form
in advance you can download and print a copy below, "In Person Registration Form".

New age guidelines are going into effect this season.  Please see the "Moving Forward"chart at the bottom of this page for details.  Simply look for the
year your player was born to determine the level they are eligible for.  Please note:  Registration is being done using single year age requirements but RLSA
will likely combine age levels to form teams, based off the number of registrations received.  Examples:  2010 birth year will register as U7 however they 
will probably be combined with 2009 birth year to form a U8 teams.  2006 birth year will register as U11 however they will likely be combined with 2005 birth
year to form a U12 team.  The new birth year guidelines are replacing the old guideline of determining play levels based off the age the child was as of 
July 31st of the current year to be in line with WYSA (WI Youth Soccer Association) guidelines.   

Refund Policy:
A full refund may be requested until teams are formed.  After teams are formed, a half refund may be requested.  Player fees will not be refunded after the season starts.  Please email any refund requests to

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