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Referee Schedule

Spring 2017 U8 and U10 Recreation League Reffing Schedule is listed below in the files.  Please check 
both schedules for your assignment and contact Ken if any changes need to be made.

Preparations are being made for the spring 2017 season...please email to let us know that 
you are interested in reffing and then check back here closer to the season start date (mid April) for the 
reffing schedule.
Please see the attached reffing schedule for the Fall 2016 Recreation League.  Please make sure to check both the U8 
and U10 schedules for your reffing assignment.  After you complete your reffing assignment, please initial the schedule sheets in the concessions stand.
If you trade a reffing assignment with another ref or you don't make it to the concession stand before it closes make sure to let Ken know at or by texting him at 715-790-8895 (please include your name in the text).  Signing off on the sheets and making Ken aware of
any changes will ensure you get paid.

Thank you for dedicating your time toward reffing for the Recreation League!