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Referee Updates | RLSA Spring Season Approaching

posted Jan 7, 2016, 9:32 AM by Rice Lake Soccer Association
Good afternoon Referees;

You are receiving this message because you have refereed for RLSA - or you are the parent of a referee that has reffed for RLSA, or even more simply you took a referee certification + live in the Rice Lake area and this is the email on file.  I am sending this message to kick off soccer season preparation specific to referees, and to introduce your area assignor and coordinator in addition to answering some lingering questions. 

Please feel free to share this email with others who may have showed an interest in reffing.  They can contact me at anytime with any questions - my contact information is below. 

My name is Jenifer Mason, I am the Past President of RLSA and current Referee Assignor for RLSA.   Assigning for an area can be time consuming and we don't believe it should be done by just one person. So, this year we decided to shake it up a bit and I am excited to announce that Coach Kenny has agreed to maintain his role as the Referee Coordinator.  I have stepped down as RLSA President and stepped up to work with Ken.  Both Ken and I are excited to focus on Referees, in addition to coaching our assigned teams. 

What does this mean?  You can to talk to Coach Ken like always, but if he isn't at the fields - you can talk to me too.  We are going to split up some of the duties, but for your sake - you can just ask either of us questions. You will typically see Coach Ken during travelers practices, you will typically see me during recreational practices. 

New Referee
The New Referee training course is a 16 hour course with half of the time spent online and the other half in the classroom. Participants must be at least 12 years old at the beginning of clinic to attend a New Referee course; those under 14 years old will be registered as a Level 9 Referee and can only be be assigned to recreational games. Read more here:

All new RLSA referees will be assigned a mentor and be placed in our mentor program.  

Referee Courses
We held our annual New Referee Certification and Referee Recertification in October of 2015 for the Certification year of 2016.  If you missed it, don't worry.  There is a few more held nearby, but you need to sign up soon.  You have to certify each year by March.  

So, if you certified in Rice Lake March of 2015, that certification was ONLY good for the year of 2015.  If you certified October 2015 here in Rice Lake - that course was good for 2016.  

Courses open typically in late September and run through March - don't get confused by that, but understand you have to certify once a year.  If you can't get certified by March 30 of 2016 you CANNOT ref in 2016 as the courses close and don't open again until after September for 2017 Certifications. Don't wait until March because there aren't many courses left in March, plus they are pretty far away.  

There is a New Cert in Eau Claire Saturday, February 13th, there is a Recert in Eau Claire Saturday, January 9th.  Each course has an online portion that MUST be completed in advance of the in person session.  If you can't make recert by March I need to know right away so we can do our best to figure out another option.  I can't guarantee anything, but I can tell you we will do everything we can to help you find a course.  If your license has not been renewed, you missed a year, you will need to take the new certification clinic, not the recert. 

Where to find courses and register:  

Badges & Cards
If you passed the course in October of 2015, you should have received your 2016 badge & ref card over holiday break, if you did not please email me that you took the course, you passed the course, but you did not receive the 2016 badge & card, or you received one but not the other, etc.  You may have received a 2015 badge if you took the New Cert - that was to be in addition to the 2016 badge and ref card that you should have received over your holiday break.  You need BOTH to ref - so put them in a safe place. 

Cost of Course
The cost of the course varies, don't worry.  If you pass the course AND ref for RLSA we will cover the cost of the course.  All you have to do is email me a few items and we will submit a request for reimbursement: 
1) Receipt of Course
2) Confirmation of Passing Course
3) Name check should be written out to
4) Mailing address for check to be mailed to
5) Confirmation that you have updated your GameOfficials and you are ready to commit to ref for RLSA

Upon receipt of these items we will submit for reimbursement, but not until we have all of those items.  You can also mail them to the PO Box, or drop them off with Ken or I, whatever is easiest.  

Lastly, Scheduling this Season with GameOfficials  
If you have seen me on the fields in the past, or at referee clinics you have heard me, or even Dean Gumz or Kenny, talk about  This is a system we plan to use this coming season for all game assignments. Don't worry - we will teach you and it is actually pretty easy.  All areas are moving to this system as it is being driven by the state.  

What does this mean? We all have to log in and get or profiles up to date - kind of like facebook. Add your email and phone number, etc.  If mom and dad want to have their cell number listed too - that is great.  Remember this information is for us to send you your game assignments, know when you are available, cancel assignments, etc. so please try to log in and play around a bit.  

How to log in and get started.  Select the link:, then log in with your username and password that you use for registering for your referee clinics.  

Your FIRST Assignment is to log in and update MY INFO at the top of the left side bar.  

Please don't worry, if you struggle with any of this, stop and send me an email and we will work through it - don't let it frustrate you, please.  I am considering setting up a computer location to walk you all through it - so just tell me if you have tried and you want an in person training. Once you use the system you will like it a lot and we can start getting you even more reffing assignments.  

Once you are in, take a look around.  We will dive deeper into this system on the next email.  For now, just set up your profile please. 

That is a lot to get started with, so I will stop there for today.  We are really excited for the coming season.  We learned a lot during the off season and can't to share some of the new rule changes and new referee opportunities with all of you! 

Have a great day - please let us know if you have any questions. 



C: 715.205.6548