RLSA Sponsors

A huge thank you to all of our sponsors!  Without sponsors we would not have what we have today.  

Goalie Sponsorship $500+
Forward Sponsorship $200
Defense Sponsorship $100

RLSA is always seeking local sponsorship to continue the growth of our association while keeping costs down for the players.  If you would like to 
become a sponsor please contact our fundraising manager Tom Barkley at info@rlysa.com.  

Rice Lake Refrigeration has stepped into being a sponsor of RLSA in an 
important way through their generous "Goalie Sponsorship".  Our association 
is excited to have your support and love seeing your logo on our Recreation
League team t-shirts.  Thank you!

Pizza Hut of Rice Lake we thank you!  Pizza Hut of Rice Lake 
not only is a sponsor of RLSA, but they cater to us too!  
They are at each of our home tournaments with hot oven fresh 
pizza delivered to the concession stands throughout the day... 
and no they don't slice the pizza slices extra small, they serve 
them hot and serve them big!  Thank you Pizza Hut for staying 
strong and continuing to sponsor the Rice Lake Soccer Association as a "Goalie Sponsor"!

Rice Lake Taco John's really cares!  Big THANK YOU goes out to 
Taco John's.  You will start seeing their logo on our Recreation League
game shirts beginning with the Spring 2017 season.  Stop by after practice 
and thank them for being a "Goalie Sponsor"!

Seasons Photography has been a long time supporter of RLSA. 
Not only do they do an amazing job of capturing our soccer 
memories season after season they give back a portion of the 
proceeds.  Their commitment to RLSA and the Rice Lake 
community is priceless and whole heartedly appreciated.  
Thank you Seasons Photography for being a "Forward Sponsor" of RLSA!

Rice Lake Weighing has signed on as a "Forward Sponsor"!  Similar to when 
an athlete signs to play for the college of their choice we are thrilled that 
Rice Lake Weighing thought of us and recognizes how much their contribution 
can mean to the team.  Thank you!

Royal Credit Union (RCU) is helping RLSA by being a "Forward Sponsor)...Thank you!
Take one look at their website and you can't help but notice their tag line, "How will 
your story unfold?".  RCU, thank you for helping our youngest to oldest players create 
their soccer story!

Ken-Way Services of Rice Lake generously donates the use of portable restrooms each season. 
Thank you to Ken-Way for priding themselves in the "cleanest portable restrooms in the area" as this truly
helps our complex and association stand out from the rest.

Farm Feet is helping to make a difference with youth soccer in Rice Lake, WI.  Thank 
you for your "Defense Sponsorship" and for also being one of our landmarks that
help guide our out of town guests to our soccer fields at Moon Lake Park.  We
appreciate you!