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U19 Girls -

FALL 2019:
Online registration is open now for High School girls.  The registration fee is $30 and can be paid online with a 
credit/debit card or mailed in.  Click on the "register now" soccer ball located in the upper left corner of  Please register by July 15th, 2019.

Open practice will be held once per week beginning in August (date/time is TBD).

Tentative schedule includes the opportunity to attend a Saturday/Sunday tournament in Wausau.  We would like
all interested players to register and then email to let us know if you are able to commit to the 
Wausau tournament or not.  Other jamborees (3-5 dates) will be played on Sundays around the local area.

Fall 2019 Tentative Schedule (as of 6/26/19):
Sept 15th = Ashland jamboree
Sept 21st/22nd = Wausau (two day tournament) or Hayward jamboree
Sept 29th = Rice Lake jamboree

Please see the registration flyer at the bottom of this page for more info.
If you have any quesitons please email

The RLSA U19 team will play on various Sundays (3-5) during the August - October season.  Check back to this 
website often to see if a schedule has been posted.  RLSA recognizes that many high school players play 
another fall sport as well as hold jobs and are involved in many activities.  Due to these reason there are not 
regularly scheduled practices.  You will be contacted by the Team Manager and Coach as the season gets closer
and as more information becomes available.

RLSA U19 Girls play in the Fall only so to not conflict with the Rice Lake High School soccer team that 
plays in the Spring.  High school players with a birth year of 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001 and 2000 are eligible to play.

2004 Birth Year--  If your player has a 2004 birth year and is in the 8th grade they are eligible to play in the U15 division.  If your player is a girl who has a 
2004 birth year but is in the 9th grade, they are eligible for the U19 division however the system will automatically place them in the U15 division.
Please do not register them on-line but instead email in and request for them to be registered to the U19 team.  If you have a daughter with a 
2004 birth year that would like to be considered for the U15 team, please email in your request for review.  High school boys with a 2004 birth year are 
eligible to play soccer through Rice Lake High School.  If you have any questions or problems registering please email for assistance

Rice Lake Soccer Association,
Jun 26, 2019, 10:47 AM