Welcome RLSA

Rice Lake Soccer Association (RLSA) is a non-profit youth soccer association based in Rice Lake, WI that serves the Rice Lake and surrounding area’s youth in 
competitive and recreational soccer. The club is a member of the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) and participates in meets locally and regionally. 
RLSA consists of more than 300 athletes that range in age from 4-18. 

The Rice Lake Soccer Association is in existence for the purpose of promoting and enhancing the sport of soccer in the Rice Lake area and enabling the fullest
participation of every interested child in the sport.  Soccer should be the venue whereby children, youth, and adults learn and live the values of full participation, 
fair play, good sportsmanship, education, and fun.  

The budgetary funds for RLSA are based solely on membership dues, fundraising, and donations.